Terms & Conditions of ProntoNet Services


  1. ProntoNet rent equipment for clients to access Internet via WIFI or LAN and also the option of the reception of International “F.T.A.” Cable TV channels
  2. All ProntoNet equipment is supplied strictly on a rental basis and always remains the property of ProntoNet.
  3. ProntoNet equipment is available for rental periods from one day to twelve months (long term).
  4. All rental prices are inclusive of the tax IVA.
  5. On the date and time agreed the ProntoNet technicians will attend the address and fit the relevant equipment. Technicians will ensure its operation and that the client is satisfied as to its use then collect the subscription and arrange for its removal at the end of the rental period.
  6. Access to the property for the purpose of installation, connection and removal of ProntoNet equipment must be made available within the working day being between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday
  7. Payment for the rental of ProntoNet equipment shall include the supply, installation/connection, service “callout”, operating advice and collection of the equipment. However, service “callouts” resulting in the misuse or ignorance in the use of equipment including Televisions shall incur a “CALLOUT” charge of €25/Hour Inc. IVA
  8. ProntoNet rental fees do not include advice or instruction in the use of client’s personal equipment such as laptops, cell phones, TV’s etc. If assistance or instruction is required then a service charge will be made of €25 Inc. IVA
  9. The end user of the ProntoNet equipment supplied is responsible for its condition and upkeep to that condition as was originally installed. Any loss, damage or misuse resulting in the equipment becoming devalued shall be the responsibility of then end user and any costs thus incurred.
  10. The Cable TV service is provided through the internet connection and is delivered in S.D. and H.D. format. Some older TV’s and “HD ready” TV’s will require a HD set top box. If necessary ProntoNet can provide the sale or rental of a “HD set top box”.
  11. ProntoNet shall always make the best of endeavors to provide a good service in the operation of ProntoNet and its equipment but cannot be held responsible for the intervention or failure of signal or breakdown or change in Television programmes or interference of “third Parties” of the service being provided.
  12. ProntoNet reserve the right at any time to decline a request for installation or connection and to recover or remove PronotNet equipment.
  13. ProntoNet reserve the right to make final judgement on giving a refund and to withholding any deposit made.
  14. All Terms & Conditions are subject to alteration or up-date without prior notice.